You’re not a Member?

Have you seen the Members Lounge?


It’s a great place to sit a while & get some great info if you are starting out in your investing adventures. Each month you will get….

-a 1 hour group phone call monthly

– of course the Members Lounge Facebook group where you are able to ask questions, get updated info on market trends, resources for information to immediately use

– You will also get a resource guide full of information on funding, finding & website resources to take educated risk in your efforts

-You will also get a 1/2 hr call once a month with me-as long as you are a member!

You also get the information without having to pay into programs that costs upwards of $40,000 thousands of dollars (or more) to get you going, or just to get help with questions you may have as you go.


What else would you like to see in a Members Lounge-Let me know!

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