What if I Don’t Have…..

Good Credit…No need

Money…..Use other people’s

A Support System….you’ll find people with similar interests

A Handyman (or team)….you’ll find them

Time….other people can work with/for you

Here are just a few questions I get about investing in real estate. So, I want to help paint a picture of how the possibilities are really out there, but the excuses have to be squelched to see them. Here are 3 ways it works:

First, If you don’t have the credit or money to invest on your own, start helping to find properties for others & get paid. You are paid a fee for finding & doing the negotiations on a property for other investors who do have the money.

Second, no Support System or Team doesn’t mean you can’t find them. Attend a Real Estate Investment Clubs (REIC) in your area. You will find people to work with & people who have the same interests. Take your business cards! I also suggest using “box shops” for safety. Their subs cant just leave a job &not come back for weeks, or they no longer get work from the store, which is HUGE in most cases.

Third, If you don’t have time but have funds (like a Dr. or Attorney etc.) then the above mentioned people are who you want to get to know. There are people out there who are willing to do the work. Find the house, get the subs etc. if you have the funds availability & they don’t. You also have the opportunity to “loan” the funds so people can get going on their investing ventures as well.

This is where training is best brought in so you are able to walk through, at your pace, the ability to start a nest egg, be able to travel, have freedom from a 9-5, have a side hustle, whatever it is that is success in your life. This is just what I do! I love to help people in all aspects of this opportunity.

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