Using Multiple Streams for Income

I’m just going on the record right now to state this….Multiple Streams of income is SMART!

On thing I have learned in business is having more than 1 way of making money is how you make money!

I have had multiple students who have not only started doing a side hustle but also worked at a direct sales company, sold items on ebay, you get it. They just had multiple sources they worked from.

In 2007, there were multiple people in real estate who learned this the hard way & companies who do not innovate end up losing out because they can’t keep up with the technology or creativity that is new. But, if you have your hand in multiple industries then if one goes down, you have others to gain from.

There are a couple of books I have liked with this type of theme:

  1. The One Minute Millionaire   -Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen

2. Three Feet from Gold    -Greg Reid & Sharon Lechter

I wanted to also put a plug in for direct sales. Multiple people including Robert Kiyosaki, plug direct sales as a viable opportunity for income, because there is the opportunity for passive income to come in. I have seen people learn valuable business skills in these opportunities as well.

If that isn’t your thing, then just find things that are. There are so many opportunities available to us with information all over the internet, you can pick a couple  to work from.

There are multiple opportunities online, such as an ebook, article writing, ghost writing, proofreading etc.

But the biggest take away is the multiple income streams-then you aren’t stuck in one industry trying to make money.

Are you already a multiple streamer?

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