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So many new things to learn & accomplish. There has been a wave of excitement here at Empowering Concepts Group (ECG) & it is pretty thrilling to keep progressing towards one’s goals. What are you working on right now? Here is some of the exciting information we are getting ready for:

We are adding a members site. What does this mean for clients?


Weekly videos that will be packed with content & information, statistics & how to have them work for you, tips & tricks for finding property in any market, where to find financing & business acumen, among other related curriculum to propel you forward in your business.


Resources & how to find them, recommended readings, people to follow on social media, setting up your business correctly, forms & contracts etc.


Of course our private FB page where you are able to ask questions on deals or business strategies


2 Group calls a month directly with me. Ask me questions, strategize, overcome obstacles etc. AS WELL AS A personal ONE-ON-ONE 1/2 hour call with me your first month to get you started.

Visit our Facebook page & tell me what you are working on to progress right now!


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