This is the way I prioritize learning new skills…..

Hello, my name is Ellen & I am a recovering (continuously) perfectionist.

I have this issue with progress, apparently. I’m generally not a person who is content with “good”. I always see the need & opportunity to progress. For instance, as a business owner I see things that “I can do” & therefore, want to learn it instead of paying someone to do the job. I take time to try to learn & use the information all at the same time & then I get overwhelmed &…..please tell me I’m not the only one who does this….I just kinda find other things that I could be doing & do those instead.

I know this is a problem. I want to learn Facebook ads. I looked into learning to place relevant ads, the pixels, the marketing etc., I then got so off track with what my initial goals were, that I had to reevaluate what I was doing & refocus my efforts at what I was supposed to be doing to keep my business going. I found that I need to let someone else do the stuff that, yes, I can learn & do it, but I need to be willing to let someone who is a professional in their field, do more of what they are good at or love & I need to continue on investing time & efforts into what I love doing. I believe in the 80/20 rule. I need to be doing 80% of what is an immediate income source & 20% of what may not be, but needs to be done. So, I have always had the mindset of “hiring up”. I believe in that pretty strongly actually.

Now, how in the world can I hire someone when I am just getting started, or when I am not yet even making money?

Here are 3 ways to possibly make that possible.

First, I believe in the younger generation. They may know more about things like social media or video editing etc than I do, so contact a local high school teacher who teaches production or marketing & see if they have a star student. Give them the permission to give your number to the student & see what they can do.

Second, there are people out there starting their portfolios & interested in doing work they know, but may not have a following for just yet. Sometimes they are willing to do work at discounted prices until they have their portfolio built at least. Of course this would be something to discuss with the individual, but is a viable option.

Third, If you haven’t used sites like Upwork or elance etc. then you should. You definitely need to be cautious when deciding who to work with, but I have had a couple of good experiences that have worked out rather well for multiple web based facets. I look at a lot of people’s experience through their work & weigh the reviews lightly (everyone has differing opinions & some experiences may be isolated incidences etc). I then decide what I am realistically willing to pay for the services & try to find someone in that price range. They keep track of hours worked & what they did in those hours, so you have availability to keep costs in check.

How do you spend your time & prioritize learning new skills?

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