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What Is The Difference Between Mentoring & Coaching & Why Would I Need One?

Like in fitness, sports or even business, having a mentor or coach has proven to be an electric way to act on a new venture. So, what are the differences between mentoring and coaching?

Mentors act as advisors, people who share their hard-won wisdom to provide insight and guidance as challenges happen along the journey. A mentor is like a sounding board, they can give advice but the partner is free to pick and choose what they do.
Coaches are brought in to help anticipate and tackle specific industry challenges. They’re prescriptive and proactive by nature, actively participating in strategizing and co-creating successful outcomes with their clients.
A coach is trying to direct a person to some end result, the person may choose how to get there, but the coach is strategically assessing and monitoring the progress and giving advice for effectiveness and efficiency.

I’m not saying that having someone to walk you through information is the only way of being able to learn new things, I’m just saying it’s one of the easier ways! There is so much out there by way of information. People are doin’ stuff. I love it. It helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who has been there, someone who can help you manage the “risk” involved because of their own experiences. It makes a difference for sure. So, if you are wanting to get get in (or are already there), get your hands dirty & your brain waves movin’…..

This is just what we do!

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