Is your money being drained?

There are many different opportunities to learn how to invest, many fulfillment centers with coaches & mentors who have been or currently invest. It is a great opportunity to gain information, have someone to be accountable to & be motivated by & it gives you the opportunity to ask questions when you need. However, which one is sucking your money down the drain?

I want you to understand, investing information really doesn’t change. What does change is that someone will make their niche in a specific area of investing i.e tax liens or foreclosures etc. I think most information you will get is correct & if people utilize it, they can make money. My beef stems from the amount of money that people spend on products to gain that information & have a coach to help them through it.

I have worked for multiple “gurus” & it never seaces to amaze me that people pay upwards of $40k for the information & special “software”. $40,000 people. Half of that could have been used to purchase a house! I want you to think of that for a minute. If you have that money to spend, spend it on a house-or two!

What would happen if you had someone to walk you through the in’s & out’s for 3 days. From teaching you about funding to a trip to the hardware store to discuss rehabbing.  For 3 days, I come to your area, it can be a one on one experience or a very small group that learns these things together. I give you resources to move you & progress in your investing career so that you don’t even need me!

So please, don’t spend over $10,000 to gain information you can get for less & the same quality, if not better, a far as working one on one goes. So consider working with me to get your business on track & keep on keepin’ on

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