How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself!


We tend to sabotage ourselves & a lot of the time we don’t even know it.

When we tell ourselves “we can’t” or “we aren’t enough, to be able to…” whatever it may be, we sabotage ourselves & stop any forward movement or ACTION in it’s tracks!

Why do we allow ourselves to do that? Would you allow it from anyone else? NO. HECK NO! So here are 3 key points to consider before self sabotaging yourself again.

  1. Quit IT! Quit telling yourself that you aren’t enough & stop comparing yourself to others. Is it actual truth…NO! So, stop lying to yourself. You take the road of serving…people need you-remember that!
  2. Nike was really onto something with “Just Do It”. Seriously, just DO IT! When I was younger, I never really thought how things would affect me, I just did them & worked out the kinks as I went. It was good & had it’s learning moments….but I didn’t let what others thought of me stop me. Just take A STEP! The rest of the way will come as you put your foot out!
  3. Collaborate. Find others to be accountable to. Like minded people can be found in lots of different places, online, church groups, Linkedin etc. connect with someone to chat with daily until you can get your feet under you, then maybe a couple times a week, but always add value to others as well & you are on your way!

Now, these basics can get you up & going, & remember, it’s the basics that usually make the most difference & what we return to when we are the most overwhelmed. So, don’t ever discount them-just DO THEM!!

You are PHENOMENAL! We need you…..



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