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According to Eben Pagan “Information is now the most valuable commodity in the 21st century.”


I used to think that really the only way of learning to earn was getting into & finishing college. There was much I learned in college….ethnobotony, public speaking, a bit of espanol. One day I went into the counseling office to discuss just taking classes that I was interested in & was told at the prestigious college I was attending, that they didn’t do that there. I hung my head & thought ok, maybe another college will have something I want to “go into”, so went to another college, to be told the same thing. I thought, maybe if I get into a super fabulous college, I can take classes I want to take because I’m interested in them, but alas, after taking 2 semesters at said college, I was told I couldn’t get a degree in a bunch of random classes, they didn’t have “general bachelors degree”.


“Universities wont survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast” -Peter Drucker


So, dejected, I decided I would need to find my education & growth elsewhere. College wasn’t for me. I questioned everything that was being taught, I bugged the other kids in a “group” to do the work until they procrastinated and at the last minute, threw me under the bus because I didn’t contribute the best I could. I didn’t believe in the “C’s get degrees” mentality & I was the age of these children’s parents, which was hard enough. It was one of the best learning experiences ever, ironically enough, & I take 100% responsibility for those (I’m not bitter…anymore!)

According to Eben Pagan Information is now the most valuable commodity in the 21st century.

So, I set out to just gain knowledge. The knowledge I wanted to use for business purposes. I watched & learned from webinars, from other “teachers” who were working on the internet in ways I wanted to. I learned how to get a website up, about sales funnels, about online marketing & ads. I learned how to set intentions, how to do my own webinars, I watched others & drew inspiration from those who were succeeding & all without my college degree.

Now, I am a big proponent of education, but have learned that it doesn’t all come from a brick & mortar institution for some. I no longer get discouraged because I “didn’t finish” my degree. I no longer get discouraged because my journey & interests are different. I revel in my differences & gain knowledge & growth from others I admire & who are leaving success clues along the path.

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