Being “let go” is a good thing!

“It’s not personal, it’s business”

I’ve always disliked this statement. Possibly because as an entrepreneur, everything is personal. I put my whole self into my clients & my businesses, my integrity & character show & that is why that statement “It’s not personal…it’s business”, irritates me.

It is all personal. Business is about relationships, it’s about clients, patients, customers, employees, managers etc. It is very much personal. Most of the time, I have heard this statement made when a loyal employee is being “let go”. They have taken time from their families, their passions, sometimes even their integrity to “help” a business to function & grow. Yes. It is personal. So let’s look at this in a different light.

How in the world is being let go a good thing?

When I was 16 I worked at a small little yogurt shop in a mall & one day the owner came in & “let go” of the employees on shift at the time. I don’t recall being aware as to why & I live in a state that needs no reason, but all of a sudden, I felt like I had let them down, like I was a disappointment, like I was worthless. I didn’t understand & from then on, always wondered when I’d be fired from each job after that. Talk about shame-sheesh! After that I had many jobs, because at the time, I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole & not much worked for me. I am an entrepreneur to the core. So I have heard this statement maybe a couple times & always wish the other person would just be honest & say, “we’re just not a good fit together”, & THAT’S OK! I began looking at what I was “fit” for & It gave me the opportunity to try new things.

I listened to Lisa Nichols relate a story of a job she had that she was horrible at & her boss had to let her go & said “I need to let you go, so you can find what best suites you” (not in those exact words, but pretty much), WOW! That’s awesome. I want to be somewhere that suites me too. It was there that I thought how brilliant that statement was & maybe more people should use that!

Being let go could be such an amazing time! It has made space for you to now do what your intuition is telling you IS possible. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you are a “fit” for. Have you been couped up in a cubicle for your career but love the outdoors? Look at being a tour guide. If you always wanted that high rise office, but weren’t prepared for the stress that went with it, look into something less stressful & more fulfilling. What does your heart tell you? I have found that when people look into what truly suites them, they stop looking, finally being able to relax in who they really are.

When I was a kids, I pretended to be a D.J, a teacher or a cosmetologist. I have given my heart to educating, because I know that is my calling. Yes, my calling. It is where I am in my “Flow” & where I become passionate. It is where I find the most joy & hope, it is where I excel. I love my coaching clients, I love when someone has an “ah-ha” moment & moves forward, I love being able to see people shift their lives & businesses into high gear. This is my “fit”.

So, being let go a couple times let me in on my own little secret. The one where I got to discover what it truly is that I am made to do while I’m here.

So tell me, where have you found your “fit”?

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