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Ellen Gardner

My name is Ellen & I am an entrepreneur.

I have been a coach, trainer & speaker for many “gurus” in the business & personal development industries, such as Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen & HGTV investing authorities. I have also been investing in real estate, training, coaching & speaking on business development, strategy, marketing & motivating others since 2002. I have been a licensed real estate agent in 3 different states, have traveled the nation speaking to audiences about investing, business growth & development, as well as personal development & have co-created curriculum for other investing programs & mentors.

It hasn’t always been a lovely English garden though. Like most stories, I came from very humble beginnings, neither of my parents had any background in any type of business & both had had little college experience, so entrepreneurship wasn’t something that I had examples from childhood to work from or really support with-wait, there was the time I sold girl scout cookies….

As an adult it was a constant struggle to be consistent making money & keeping money. I was always trying to find “the thing” that was going to help us out of the situation we were in, which I didn’t stick with long enough to see returns because they couldn’t come fast enough for our desperation. In fact it was not unusual for us to have $5 in the bank & needing groceries, & to pay “necessity” bills with no money coming in, in the near future. It took a serious toll on every aspect of life & I began having panic attacks in grocery stores & depression set in.


I just knew there was more out there in life. I had seen other people acquire IT. The “IT” was what I wanted. I wanted to not have to cry myself to sleep at night. I wanted to go to my children’s events because I could…anytime I wanted…I wanted to travel. Why did I want that “stuff”? Because I knew it was available & open for anyone to grab, I just needed to figure out the formula.

It wasn’t until I began to learn that what I kept thinking about became bigger the more I thought about it, that I actually understood the concepts the “Law of Attraction” taught. Yes, we had debt still & things were in the crapper, but I began focusing on what I could control in the situation & focused on what I could do to add value & multiple streams of income & things took off! The situation didn’t change immediately, but I did.

As an entrepreneur & investor, I have helped hundreds of people grow their businesses. I have coached business owners at the start up level work toward specific & achievable immediate actions as well as motivated them to progress from point A to point B in ways the market may not necessarily thought of. I have had the opportunity to work with well established businesses in planning next level practices, mindset shifts & taking action.
I have bought properties to flip, for rentals, to lease option, seller finance, quit claim deed, have worked on preforeclosures, short sales & foreclosures. I have invested with partners, done joint ventures & have wholesaled deals.

 I have had multiple businesses from a construction company to being a professional organizer & I believe that the direct sales industry is a great way for people new to the game can gain immeasurable business & marketing skills as well. I myself am a fan of Doterra Essential Oils & what the company produces & shares.

So, I want to thank you for checking how we may be a fit for each other, through

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Corporate workshops
  • Speaking

& I look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities!