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Ellen Gardner

Hey guys. I want to introduce myself.

I was the kid that was known as the “bossy” one. I had a tenacity that annoyed others, I didn’t know I could fail, so took all kinds of chances & risks until I became an adult & then it started to really count. I struggled through out my life to fit in that “round hole”, but, this “square peg” finally realized that I have got a passion that, when it rises up in my boots, I just gotta do something about it.So, here is a little about the last 15 + years of my experience for you to gleen from.

I been investing in real estate, training, business development, marketing & motivating others since 2002. I have been a licensed real estate agent in 3 different states, has traveled the nation speaking to audiences about investing & business growth & development & has co-created curriculum for other investing programs & mentors. I have worked with many of the real estate investing & personal development “gurus” out there & has enjoyed the investing field, the experience & learning that comes with it.
I have bought properties to flip, for rentals, to lease option, seller finance, quit claim deed, has worked on preforeclosures, short sales & foreclosures. I have invested with partners, done joint ventures & have wholesaled deals.

Now, I want you to know that in no way am I perfect! I have lost money & deals, & really thought at one point that I should write a book about being a Professional Failure, but through many years I stayed consistent & wouldn’t give up.

I started investing as a means to an end for my small family’s finances & now it is in my blood. It has taken on other forms as well, for instance I love the interior design industry & this has given me many opportunities to grow in that capacity too. It had developed into other business ventures & is truly my passion & what I thoroughly enjoy, is teaching others to utilize their passions to make some           moo-lah too!

I hope that my example will allow you to see that “If I can do it, anybody can”!