3 ways to decide if it’s Fact or Fiction

Did you ever play Fact vs. Fiction growing up? We own the game….You have to try & trip people up by giving a statement & the individual has to decide if it’s Fact or Fiction….

Because we have access to so much, literally at our finger tips, it is so easy to be deceived by “fact” that is actually “fiction”, or I should say opinion. Many opinion pieces are taken as fact & many facts (scientific) can be swayed.

Today I found this article. I looked for a date stamp & couldn’t find it, so not sure how old it actually is, but I heard this multiple times coaching for the “gurus” out there. Although I dont think they know how the information is being presented because they outsource their sales through marketing companies, it is the marketing companies that are making the “vicious” sales presentations & trainings. I immediately know the mindset this “journalist”/opinion maker has. To be fair, (because I was on track to be a Communications major) they are always looking for the BAD in everything…that’s what sells, right? So this poor guy didn’t even give the information a chance. The things he saw as preditory actually help those people out of scenarios & situations that they aren’t, in most cases, wanting to be in, making it a win-win situation. But, bless his heart, he didn’t see that part of it. It also seems like it ends very abruptly. There is no other interpretation of the event.

Then, if I were the Councilman, I’d be very careful making statements such as “it’s a pyramid scheme”. To me (opinion) that is a very ignorant statement, since all companies, including the one he works for (assumption), is a “pyramid scheme”.  When I have had clients I send to meet ups or Investment clubs & they come back to report that they were being told by others there that, “the industry is hard, it’s hard to find properties, you’ve got to really know how to negotiate,” whatever it may be…I always wonder why they are there then, if all those statements were true? HHHMMM…..Fact or Fiction….You should also check out my Perception Challenge!

NOW…how do you wade through this information & be able to trust what someone is saying? Well, I have a couple thoughts, & this rings true in all aspects (opinion)….I even use this with travel reviews!

Here are 3 ways I wade through the muck:

First. Is it opinion? Is it someone’s opinion of something & is it everyone’s opinion? For instance, if I am looking at booking a room, I will read the reviews. Usually those who specify certain things that are a matter of PERSONAL OPINION, i.e. how comfortable the bed is, if the food is crap, how they were treated. I generally throw those out-UNLESS- it is mentioned more than 3 times. Then I take it under review, because those are opinion based. Just because they had the experience of a horrible nights rest because the bed was too hard, doesn’t mean that I will. I may be ok with a bed that is firm! (I’m totally not…bad hips) BUT…it is their opinion. I will look at multiple places for information before coming to an assumption that is, most likely, an educated assumption, based on how much research I do & therefore fell less risky in making my decisions. In the situation from the article, I would look at review sites, not just the bad one’s. I would check out other people’s successes. You know you. If it is something you are willing to commit to & take action with, you may be very successful, so use the review formula before scoffing & joining that bandwagon.

Second. I haven’t yet come across a perfect company. I’m sure even the “Honest” brand has it’s issues. So, I’m not going to hang my complete opinion of something based on one persons presentation of it, unless of course it is a perpetual habit by multiple people in a company. I do have to put in a caveat here though….a company that say they will help fund something with or for you, are also getting a pay off on another end of that deal of course & you will almost always pay the price-literally-so BE SMART & cautious. The last corporate company I coached for has some pretty good people on the front end of the machine….customer service, the other coaches, great customer experiences. It’s when you get the corporate “die hard”, will never work anywhere else-therefore you will always be wrong about the company- supervisors, that have a hard time looking at things objectively & generally from the other persons point of view. In my experience, NO ONE is perfect & to think any company is going to be is ludacris (& I’m not talkin the rapper)!

Third. BE SMART….on your own. Common sense goes a long way. If it is sounding too good to be true-find out why? READ THE FINE print! Educate your self so you are able to take educated risk. Because most everything is, a risk, that is. If you educate yourself, then you did your due diligence. If you feel you have done as much as you can & then the company does something shady, check your paper work first, then take it to them. I want you to put yourself in the other shoe. If you had a client who had committed to something, did nothing with it & then expected to get a refund, because they didn’t do their due diligence, but you had still given them all the information….who is to blame? Do we even need to put blame? All I’m wanting to point out here is that, like Dr. Seuss says, “You have brains in your head” & you haven’t gotten this far by being naive or with out taking educated risk, so why stop now?

Now, I am not saying that these companies are blameless…I LOVE what I do, but in some instances, I felt my integrity was on a line I was not wanting it to be on. Hopefully, putting these opinion based measures to the test will definitely cut out the crap!

So, this was probably me:

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