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No secrets here….no special sauce! Just core concepts that empower you to ACT on the idea you’ve had to look to real estate as an avenue toward your goals. Really….ask most successful people & real estate will be part of their portfolios!
There are many ways of creatively investing in Real Estate and getting a grasp of the core concepts is essential whether you are looking to supplement your retirement, to gain capital, or to make a career change, Real Estate has been a great way of investing, at all times.
When the “bottom fell out” in 2007-2009, that was the best time to get into the game! Although the markets change, Real Estate continues to be beneficial as an income source. The strategies may change, but it can be done in most any market.
Knowing how to invest during differing markets is the best-kept secret to any investing core education. Learning how to strategize, be creative & leverage is making it all work together -systemizing it!
Now, I’m not going to tell you this is easy, that you will get rich pretty quick. It does take research, putting in offers, a willingness to learn and to take accountability for your time.

Ellen and Empowering Concepts Group wants you to be able to make educated decisions so you are able to take educated risks!

Through 15 years of experience investing, mentoring & coaching, our products are built to give our clients the confidence & knowledge to progress in their investing business!

What Is The Difference Between Mentoring & Coaching & Why Would I Need One?

Like in fitness, sports or even business, having a mentor or coach has proven to be an electric way to act on a new venture. So, what are the differences between mentoring and coaching?

Mentors act as advisors, people who share their hard-won wisdom to provide insight and guidance as challenges happen along the journey. A mentor is like a sounding board, they can give advice but the partner is free to pick and choose what they do.
Coaches are brought in to help anticipate and tackle specific industry challenges. They’re prescriptive and proactive by nature, actively participating in strategizing and co-creating successful outcomes with their clients.
A coach is trying to direct a person to some end result, the person may choose how to get there, but the coach is strategically assessing and monitoring the progress and giving advice for effectiveness and efficiency.

This is just what we do!


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My trainer, Ellen Gardner is very knowledgeable. She has helped me out tremendously. I would recommend the program and Ellen to anyone. Ellen Gardner has helped my self-confidence and has motivated me to keep working at it step by step. Her support has been invaluable.

John B

Trainer is Ellen Gardner is very informative and enlightening

Reada R

She is excellent. She was open to my ideas too.

Renee S

Ellen G. Is a great trainer/coach she provided me with the knowledge I need to get me to my goals. I was completely comfortable with her training and she is very knowledgeable in her line of work. Ellen also gave me the confidence I needed to go out there and do my real estate deals even, when I may get some setbacks she continued to encourage and tell me everything is ok and keep it moving.

Joanne D

My Mentor Ellen is outstanding.

Mark H

Ellen, Thank you so much for your help today. You are always so cheerful, and knowledgeable. You boost my confidence so much.

Nadine W

Because our clients are like family, we strive to create plans, help educate & train people to build teams that are productive & efficient for the future of your business. We hope to make your experience as our client & future client, as pain-free as possible.

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At Empowering Concepts Group the name of the game is education!

When you educate yourself you have confidence in your abilities,

You have a plan & take action.

Why not create that with us?